City Government

The City of Maricopa is a General Law City that derives its powers from and organizes its government according to acts of legislature. The fundamental law of a General Law City is found in the state Government Code, which enumerates their powers and specifies their structure.

Maricopa is overseen by a 5 member elected governing body (City Council). City Council establishes municipal policy and enacts and implements local ordinances. As elected representatives of the citizens, the City Council is responsible to all the people and therein committed to diligently strive in making the best decisions that will benefit and be of the best interest to the city and its citizens.

Council members are elected for a four (4) year staggered term. The mayor is chosen by majority vote of council. The City Clerk and City Treasurer also serve four (4) year terms as determined also, by popular vote.

All City Council meetings are open to the public and held at the Maricopa Gusher Hall at 271 California Street, Maricopa, and CA.93252. Agendas are posted at least 72 hours in advance of a regular meeting at the following locations, Maricopa City Hall- 400 California street, Maricopa Gusher Hall (Senior Center) – 271 California and Maricopa Post Office- 345 California Street.

Anyone needing special assistance to participate in a Council Meeting pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act shall make a request at least three business days prior to the Council Meeting to the City Clerk/Deputy City Clerk at 661-769-8279.

Please contact us at City Hall for any questions. 661-769-8279