Maricopa City Dog Ordinance

In light of the numerous dog calls the City has received, the City has been moved to action in hiring an Animal Control Officer who has begun to patrol our city streets. Any dog within the City shall be subject to seizure and impoundment by our Officer within the provisions of our Maricopa Municipal Code Chapters 6.08 Dogs & Chapter 6.10Vicious Dogs”.




There are many resources to help with vaccines and spay & neuter programs.

Listed below are names and links for those resources.

Please contact us at City Hall if you have any questions.

Maricopa City Hall: 661-769-8279



  • Unity Thrift Out Reach & Rescue. Phone: 661-765-5165
  • Kern County Animal    Phone: 661-868-7100 
  • Critters Without Litters – Spay & Neuter  Phone: 661-831-6000
  • Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue –   Phone: 661- 556-7177
  • Taft Animal Shelter –

    The City of Taft operates an animal shelter at 1080 E. Ash Street.

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday through Friday
    9:00 am to 4:45 pm
    Closed 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (Lunch)
    For more information, please contact Valerie Madsen, Animal Shelter Technician, at

  • Phone:  661-763-1227.

    Note: All dogs picked up in the City of Maricopa will be taken to the Taft Animal Shelter.  If your dog has been picked up, you must first contact Maricopa City Hall at 661-769-7279 to make arrangement to have your dog released.  Applicable paper work and fees will need to be taken care of before dog(s) will be released.



Five Benefits of Licensing Your Dog!

1. Comply with City Regulations
Dog licensing is required in the City of Maricopa, and you could face a fine or your dog could be impounded if your dog is not licensed. Unlicensed dog owners can be cited for violating City of Maricopa dog licensing laws.

The penalty and amount varies on the number of days your animal has been at the shelter, most assuredly you will pay more for impound fees than you would have paid for a license. Licensing is required on a yearly basis and must begin when a puppy is about 4 to 6 months old. Call City Hall for more information: 661-769-8279

2. Prevent Rabies
To obtain a dog license, you must provide proof that your dog has been vaccinated against rabies. Keeping your pet up to date on all vaccinations is incredibly important as a responsible pet owner. Not only does this keep your dog safe, but, in the unfortunate event he gets lost, animal control or anyone else who comes upon your missing pooch will know he is safe to approach.

3. Identify Your Pet
If your dog is lost, a license provides identification. By licensing your dog, it will let people know your pet has a home. If someone finds your dog, she can be traced back to you, which will help her get home safe and sound quickly. Proper identification means a faster return to your family!

4. Help Other Lost Animals
The license fees you pay helps our local animal control programs and services provide care for other animals. For example, revenue from dog licenses, funds animal services, like our Animal Control Truck, who is able to respond to abandoned and/or wounded animals. It also helps, along with donations that the city receives, to fund our spay/neuter clinics. The animal service that the city provides can help find xanax online, care for them when they are found and — in a situation in which there may not be an owner — locate a new family for a dog or cat.

5. Contribute to Spay/Neuter Funding
Along with helping lost animals, the profits from these licenses often fund spaying and neutering programs to prevent the overpopulation of dogs.

Getting a License
Now that you know the reasons why getting a license is so important, where do you go to get one? The good news is the process of getting a dog license is actually quite simple! The best place to start is by contacting Modafinil City Hall, and we can walk you through the process!

You will need to provide proof of a recent rabies vaccination as well as a spay or neuter certificate. The cost is $15.00/Yearly for Altered dogs and $60.00 for an Unaltered dog. The city also has information to help you find resources to spay or neuter your dog, should you request them. Remember, your license must be renewed yearly with an up-to-date rabies vaccination.
Please call for more information! Maricopa City Hall: 661-769-8279